Monday, 4 July 2016

Autumn Time

Autumn Time!

Got to love the autumn with the pretty colours. The greens, mixed with the golden yellow, faded orange. It's something quite magical watching the trees change colours right before your eyes.

I was sat on the bus the other day and was looking out of the window, I know I normally look out the window but today was different maybe it was because I didn't have my iPod on me so I couldn't be transported off into my own little world, I was mainly focused on reality than it hit me, the world we live in today is quite beautiful with the colours change every season, from it's darks to it's pale colours to it's light bright then to it golden. It's so wonderful to watch. It looked just like a movie.

I love autumn time. I'm not that keen on Halloween had a bad experience, let's just say the costumes that 10 year olds were wearing were really scary. I was about 6 or 7 at the time but they gave me such a fright. But apart from that I think I have always liked Autumn. I like the leaves on the floor it takes me back to when I was little and I use to pick up the leaves  at school and pretend that it was flowers for a wedding. I liked to arrange them, never thought I would be arranging flowers for a guy to give them to his mum on mothers day at work even though I'm a waitress. What are the odds.  

The one downer is the weather isn't that nice but it's just right, I like listening to the rain outside not be in the rain it's self. One time I was working, it was raining outside you could here it and all the customer's were mentioning how bad it was, but I carried out got to serving teas and coffees this one customer asked for hot milk with her tea, my first reaction was 'Oh bum I'm gonna get wet going outside to get hot milk from the kitchen' But I went anyway I got drenched from head to toe and the woman didn't even thank me for it. I was wet, cold and annoyed, but it was alright I got to stand and cool off while getting the milk so wasn't that bad I guess. 

Another thing I like about Autumn is knowing that it's fireworks season I haven't been to a display for years but that's because we have dogs that don't like loud bangs but to be honest nether do I, most of the time I was sat in the house or a building watching them, I think it's best to stay at home and watch them as it's from a far and with the different colours flooding the sky. Now looking at it, it takes me back to all the family bonfire nights.   

Next time you out look up from your phone remember what is was like being a child. Has things change? I know they have around my area. 

What's your favourite season?

Remember to keep smiling, Even when the sky is gray! :) Much love 

Little Ann xx

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Annoying People In Life

(Side note this has been on my phone for awhile I was just wondering if I should post it or not but here it is the annoying people post)

People who annoy!!

So in life they are people who really annoy you, and sometimes you feel like you can't do anything about it.

Well in my life they are people who are annoying, like they think that there opinion is what everyone else should believe and they really push what they believe on you even if it completely crazy it gets so annoying. Sometime when I say my own opinion they have a go at me like I shouldn't have that opinion and I should believe what they believe. 

Do you wanna know the funniest thing... it takes a lot to annoy me so that's why i'm writing this because some how just some how they have managed to push me over the edge. Let me explain to you what has happened!!

So I'm at college going day by day as I normally do and there's this couple right who I thought not gonna lie they were alright, but since getting to know them they are really, really annoying. I can't stand them!! It has gotten to the point that if they are sitting with some of our friends I can't sit with them because they either sit and have ago at me for being a clingy girlfriend and how much she hates that about a relationship but guess what I have never had a relationship ever and she is a clingy girlfriend, for example when the other half is ill she won't come in or when he chooses to dance with someone else she get jealous yet she doesn't seem to care what he think when she gives a guy a lap dance. 

Well enough about the girl and on to her guy. He is really really forcefully like he has said to one of my friends that if you believe in God you are crazy (I know some people don't believe but still going on a calling her crazy for believing in something) and that you should believe what he believes which is even more crazy, (I know I am wrong for calling him crazy but just hear me out) he believes that everyone created each other and all the animals. Like really!! But it wouldn't be this is what I believe and that's what you believe, he's like this is what I believe so you should believe what I believe you have no opinion here. He get really really annoying.

Now put these to together and you get a whole lot of annoying. They fight all the time. There was this time when he chose to work with someone that wasn't His girlfriend so what she does was runs out crying, because of that the teacher had to stop the lesson to see if she was alright which didn't just disturb her class it also disturbed mine as well so that was an hour doing nothing thanks to her crying over nothing. I didn't know what had happened till I saw my friends from her class and they explained, while she was sat in the corner not talking to him or anyone like really please grow up, I can understand if you don't want to talk to him if he kissed another girl but no all he was doing was a dance not even a concert dance. 

Well anyways they are both not coming back next year, I will miss them you know even if they were pushy and annoying I'll miss them.

Remember never let others push you around and tell you how to live you life. 

Much Love

Little Ann xx 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Long time, No Write

Long time, No Write

I started this in march 2014 as you can tell, but then I kinda forgot about it. It been one busy year I'll tell you in this I am very sorry I will be trying to write a bit more on here.

Change college and course. 

I was doing childcare but I felt unhappy like I didn't really fit in. I was going to try a get an apprenticeship in childcare as I thought that was what I was supposed to do and where I belonged, I looked at lots of different one's like being a living nanny in the USA, or living nanny in the UK. I like the sound of being a nanny looking after children but I was still unsure like I was settling with some think that wasn't me. Then in the car on the way home from college my Mum said she had rang up this other college that everyone didn't like and had the rep of being really bad, but she said that I could try and apply for the preforming arts their. I thought about it knowing that I like being on stage acting like someone else and singing, I thought well maybe it would be nice to apply and if I don't get in then I go to be a nanny. So I applied.

This was OK My old laptop kept crashing and losing the application form and it was a long time before I heard whether I got the interview and audition, but I did and I went it went.. well.. I guess but then it was back to waiting to know if I got or not. This was hard as I was now in two minds whether or not to do the performing Art but as soon a my letter came through the post I knew that what every it said is going to be my future and then I opened it my heart sank it was going to be a new change again as I had got in YAY.

Starting the course

I walk into the college scared and not knowing what was going to happen, I went up to the head of the preforming arts and she told me to sit on the table with someone for the course and we talked ended up on the hanging out for the rest of the day but she started to make new friends and by the second day I was by myself it was sad :'( because I was all by myself. By the second week I had made friends with the same interests as me, and we get on really well. We have fun and laugh at and with each other, and for the first time in my life I feel like I belong. It feels weird having a group that I belong with.

The Friends

There is Serena. When we first met we talked about what fact we were writing down, Then went on talking like we have know each other for years. I feel like we have been Best friends for years even though it's been 8 months. I hope we remain best friends for years to come.

There is Andy. When we first met I actually thought he was alright. He was quite but stated to get to know him he became confident. He is super funny and amazing to be around. One rememberable moments was him dancing with a cream egg haha that was the bests.

Then we have Joe, we new of each other as we were hanging out in the same group but never really talked that was until he invited everyone to Thorpe Park for fright night including me, some couldn't make it and others said they would but then last minute said they couldn't so it was just me and Joe. We now talk alot more. YAY. But anyways Joe is really nice caring and thoughtful of others.

There is so many that I have made and everyone has they own personality but all of them are super kind and will be there for me when every I am down. Like the time I went into my Dance lesson and cry as I was feeling low but everyone rushed over to me to make sure I calmed down.

Anyways I think I have written enough for now... Love you lots!!  

Little Ann xx


Monday, 17 March 2014

The Start

The Beginning

Hey, I'm Little Ann. I am starting this as my life has been fun but complicated, having to deal with educational barrier and fitting in. But with all that I have found love for being on stage, as when I am on stage I feel like I am the same as everyone else.

Just somethings about be.....

I have so many loving friends that have been there for me, I have such an amazing family. My Mum and Dad have fought for me while I was a primary school to get me the right help.
So I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I am 16, my birthday is the 6.8.1997. I was bullied at primary school, went and had an amazing time at secondary school, and now studying childcare at college. I have a younger brother and 3 younger cousins.